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Take Effective Steps to Get Through Probate

Probate has the potential to be a long, drawn-out and contentious process, but it doesn't have to be. Should a loved one die without having outlined a proper will or estate (and even if they have, in some cases), the probate process begins.
By taking control of the situation and ensuring that all your obligations are met, your chances of achieving a positive result are significantly increased. Jerome Styrsky can help you meet those obligations. Call Jerome A Styrsky Attorney at Law today!

The Probate Process Includes These Steps

  • Prove the deceased's will is legitimate
  • Inventory the deceased's personal property
  • Provide an appraisal of inventoried property
  • Settle debts and taxes
  • Distribute remaining funds

Plan Ahead To Avoid the Probate Process

Jerome Styrsky offers estate planning services that will allow you to save your family the trouble of going through the probate process. By outlining your wishes through a will, you can ensure that your wishes will be followed, your property will go to its rightful owners and your estate will be divided according to your instructions.
Not quite sure what to 
expect from the probate process? We'll answer all your questions.

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Jerome Styrsky offers estate 
planning services that will allow 
you to save your family the trouble 
of going through the probate 
process. Call us today!
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